Announcing the strongest ban to date on bee-killing pesticides.
When Dow Chemical tried to undermine France's historic ban on neonics -- the class of pesticides known to pose a deadly risk for bees and other pollinators -- Générations Futures, was ready to sue.
With the help of thousands of SumOfUs members chipping in to cover the legal costs, they stopped Dow Chemical in court.
Dow’s move: The chemical giant tried to get around the French ban by pushing for a new kind of neonicotinoid -- Sulfoxaflor -- not to be counted as a neonic so they can go on selling bee-killing pesticides.
But thanks to many active and concerned parties, the authorization of Dow Chemical’s dangerous sulfoxaflor pesticides is now on ice.
This proves yet again, that together, we can hold even the biggest corporations to account.
For now, the bees are safe from Dow’s pesticides -- but the fight is far from over. What the bees need is a permanent ban of Dow’s dangerous pesticides.
April 20, 2018 — admin